De Proeflap Parade - voorbeelden met allerlei borduurmaterialen.

HulpjesProeflap Parade

 Alphabet Blues
 Alphabet ABCMY Cyan Magenta Yellow
 Life is too short for cheap wine
 My Aunties Garden
 Size matters for stitchers
 Vogeleieren - Bird Eggs
 Cherish those who love you with an affection that is as light to carry as it is strong to feel.
 Carpe Diem
 Holland in Cross Stitch
 Happy to Love You
 Because of You
Madame Primula
Apple Square
Rosi Rosa
Saintpaulia Blues
Booming Blooming
Little Fellows
04.6t46 - mono-canvas tapisseriewol (Anchor)basketweave 1
04.0t40 - penelope canvas tapisseriewol (Anchor)basketweave 2
02.0t40 - penelope canvas tapisseriewol (Anchor)mozaïeksteek over 2 mz 3
01.3t40 - penelope canvas tapisseriewol (Anchor)mozaïeksteek over 3 mz 4
02.6t52 - penelope canvas tapisseriewol (Anchor)kruissteek lange poot 5
06.0t60 - penelope canvas splijtgaren 2/6kruissteek 6
04.8t48 - penelope canvas splijtgaren 6/6basketweave 7
10.4b104 - Bielefelder Leinen splijtgaren 1/6basketweave 8
05.2b104 - Bielefelder Leinen splijtgaren 1/6kruissteek over 1 van 2 9
05.2t52 - penelope canvas splijtgaren 3/6kruissteek 10
06.0NP60 - penelope canvas crewel wool 2/1maassteek over 2×2 mz 11
02.4NP60 - penelope canvas crewel wool 1/1kruissteek over 1 maas 12
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