Point de croix - grille Oeufs des Oiseaux  
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 Vogeleieren - Bird Eggs


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 Bird Eggs in Cross Stitch
Colors:13 colors (mix)
Chart:77 × 108
10 dr/cm: 15,4 × 21,6 cm
26 thr/inch:: 5⅞ × 8¼ inch
€ 11,50
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Oeufs des Oiseaux

This pattern is 77 stitches wide and 108 stitches high. Use the counted stitch calculator to calculate the measurements of your canvas and project. The actual pattern is 5 pages. The key is present on all of the 2 main parts. The pattern will print correctly on 'letter size' as well as on 'size A4'.
Accenteur Mouchet, Bouvreuil Pivione, Chardonneret, Mesange Bleue, Grive Musicienne, Rougegorge et Merle Noir.