Choose your stitching materials: yarn, number of strands, fabric or canvas, the stitch.

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Madame Primula

Apple Square

Rosi Rosa

Saintpaulia Blues

Booming Blooming

Little Fellows

 Alphabet Jam

 My Aunties Garden

 Carpe Diem

 Vogeleieren - Bird Eggs


 Holland at Sea in Cross Stitch

 Happy to Love You

 Because of You

about stitchcount for needlepoint and cross stitch
sorting between needlepoint and cross stitch
canvas fabric count for needlepoint and cross stitch
number of strands to stitch needlepoint or cross stitch
type of stitch for needlepoint or cross stitch
our samples in needlepoint and cross stitch
11.7NP11.7 - mono-canvas tapestry wool (Anchor)basketweave 1
10.2NP10.2 - penelope canvas tapestry wool (Anchor)basketweave 2
05.1NP10.2 - penelope canvas tapestry wool (Anchor)tile stitch over 2 mesh 3
03.4NP10.2 - penelope canvas tapestry wool (Anchor)tile stitch over 3 mesh 4
06.6NP06.6 - penelope canvas tapestry wool (Anchor)long arm cross stitch 5
15.2NP15.2 - penelope canvasstranded cotton 2/6cross stitch 6
12.2NP12.2 - penelope canvasstranded cotton 6/6basketweave 7
26.4emb26.4 - rural linen stranded cotton 1/6basketweave 8
13.2emb26.4 - rural linen stranded cotton 1/6cross stitch across 1 of 2 9
13.2NP13.2 - penelope canvas stranded cotton 3/6cross stitch 10
06.6NP12.2 - penelope canvas crewel wool 2/1knit stitch over 2 mesh 11
06.6NP15.2 - penelope canvas crewel wool 1/1cross stitch 12