yarn:  Stranded cotton 1/6 strand.
fabric + count :   Rural ('Bielefelder') linen 26.4 thr/inch (104/10cm).
technique :   Basketweave stitch over 1 thread.
needle :   24 tapestry needle.
stitch size :   26.4 st/inch (10.4/cm).
Deze piepkleine steekjes zijn geborduurd met 1 dr. splijtkatoen over 1 dr. van dit boerenlinnen. Het kleurbeeld is niet helemaal gesloten en dat geeft het werk een bijzonder mooi karakter.  
needlepoint embroidery in basketweave on linen
1.9 inch 3 inch 1 inch 8
This page is part of www.stitchpoint.com. This is (the beginning of) an overview of many samples, made to one single charted design. The pattern is made with many kinds of threads and stitching fabric in various stitches and techniques.
Print your own words as charted design and stitch them in cross stitch or backstitch.