Making a sample is a step that many people would rather skip. But we actually like making samples!

That is why we have made a charted design of 5050 stitches in a variety of materials. That is how this inspiring overview was created and shows you different combinations. Want to know what to do with that nice piece of material in your closet? Or how you can use that thread you have been keeping? Have a look around here to get some ideas!

The list with samples below is a modest start and will grow over time. Click on the following numbers in the right-hand column to see the patches. Sort a column by clicking on the column title.

Note: If you see this symbol next to a sample, then the combinations shown are indeed a success. Read our findings and try it out yourself.
basketweave ware grootte
This page is part of This is (the beginning of) an overview of many samples, made to one single charted design. The pattern is made with many kinds of threads and stitching fabric in various stitches and techniques.
Print your own words as charted design and stitch them in cross stitch or backstitch.