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Starting a new stitching project is wonderful, but it can also be a bit stressful. When preparing a project you sometimes have to deal with difficult calculations. Our counting tools make it easy for you to start that nice project. You can use the counting tools from the top right-hand corner on several pages. Click on a pictogram to open the tool and click again to close it.

Convert size

If you use fabric or threads from a foreign manufacturer you will come across different measuring systems: metric or continental system and imperial system. This conversion tool lets you convert inches quickly into centimetres.

Calculator for counted work

How do you calculate the size of the fabric that you need? Or how do you calculate whether the stitching will fit into the nice frame? The size is determined by four factors: the charted design indicates how many stitches high and wide the pattern will be and the combination of fabric, stitches and thread determine how big the stitches will be. Our calculator for counted work lets you calculate the format of your stitching easily and accurately.

Fill in the blank fields. Click somewhere on the form to execute the calculation.

Circle and cylinder calculator

Whether you want to make a roll cushion or a round pincushion, the circle and cylinder calculator lets you calculate any size.