Print your words as charted design with cross stitch alphabet Madrid.

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Madame Primula

Apple Square

Rosi Rosa

Saintpaulia Blues

Booming Blooming

Little Fellows

 Alphabet Jam

 My Aunties Garden

 Carpe Diem

 Vogeleieren - Bird Eggs


 Holland at Sea in Cross Stitch

 Happy to Love You

 Because of You

This text in font Madrid was charted on 2020.11.30 at  —  for personal use only.
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Letter wissen met een dubbele muisklik op de getypte letter.
Make a charted design out of your own text. Key the text you want with the pink letter keys. Erase a character with a double click on the written character. Under the button SPECIAL you will find additional special characters, symbols and accents. Make spaces between the words with the empty grid keys. Press ENTER to start a new line. Next to the enter button are keys that show a larger work area. This size has no effect on the printing. When printing, the text will cut off at page width. You have to set up your printer for 'portrait' or 'landscape'.
A cross stitch text in Madrid font has a basic height of six stitches (such as the m) and with leg (k) and tail (y) included the reach is thirteen stitches, the basic width is six stitches (o and n). These cross stitch letters also have a start and finish. In some of them you see one dot (r) or two dots (s). It depends on the previous or next character whether the dot should be stitched or left out.

If needed, cut your printed words and use this graphpaper to glue together your composition.

Terms of use

You can use this tool for free with your personal projects. When sharing your work on social media, don't forget adding #stitchpoint to your post.

Distribute, sell or give away parts of these fonts as such, or as part of any charted design, pattern or stitched item, is never allowed.

Do not sell

Seeing so many sellers earning money thanks to this tool – on Etsy and other platforms – makes me sick. Please, use my fonts, enjoy them, make presents, spread the word, but don't sell what's not yours!
If you publish or sell cross stitch designs with text, you draw your own fonts, right?

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 your own words as charted design cross stitch alphabet pattern madrid cross stitch alphabet pattern madrid cross stitch alphabet pattern madrid cross stitch alphabet pattern madrid

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