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 Never loose your sense of wonder.
 Alphabet Blues
 Always look on the Bright Side of Life
 Vogeleieren - Bird Eggs
 Size matters for stitchers
 Alphabet ABCMY Cyan Magenta Yellow
 There is no such thing as a failed experiment.
 My Aunties Garden
 All you need is love. And a little chocolate.
 Go girl go - girlpower
 I have never done it before so i think i will manage
 The Crownless again shall be King
 Carpe Diem
 Life is too short for cheap wine
 History has its eyes on you
 Cherish those who love you with an affection that is as light to carry as it is strong to feel.
 Holland in Cross Stitch
 Though she be but little she is fierce - William Shakespeare Cross Stitch
 Happy to Love You
 Live the full life of the mind - Ernest Hemingway Cross Stitch
 Because of You
Tulipa - bulbs tulips
Madame Primula
Apple Square
Rosi Rosa
Saintpaulia Blues
Booming Blooming
Little Fellows

Patches and strands

When I was a child I would be busy for hours. I would knit small patches with ridge blocks or a series of dolls and my three teddy bears all would get the same blue chequered sweater. And a few years later, I just had to stitch flowers on my jeans!

Years of designing knitware

During my studies in industrial design I was fascinated by machine knitting. But that was not to be where my future lay. A manufacturer of hand knitting wool asked me to design new patterns and I felt at home right away. One thing led to another and for years I produced knitting designs for Dutch magazines. I have designed hundreds of sweaters and tried out endless amounts of threads, stitches and patterns. My chest with samples will always remain dear to me.

From knitting to stitching

In the beginning of the 1990s, my work gradually switched from knitting to stitching. I made counted patterns and line designs for samplers, tablecloths, cushions and curtains, plaids, storage bags and everything you could imagine. I regularly learnt more about other techniques such as quilting, tie-dye, cuna, richelieu and smocking. And yes, I always made samples!

StitchPoint develops, produces and sells stitching kits professionally and with much love. This website is the only existing selling outlet! Dutch designer Grea van Vlerken founded the company in 2005 and since then several people around her have contributed in making StitchPoint a success.

The collection

We show you previously published work as well as new designs. And this collection will continue to grow, as there are many nice sketches waiting to be developed! In other words: come back and visit us often.

The kits

You will see that our kits are put together with much care and attention to the design. All models are specially designed for counted work and always focus on stitching pleasure. After stitching a sample model, designs are adjusted if need be.

In every kit you will find clear instructions and great charts. The patterns are in colour and printed on handy A4 (near letter) format with a spacious and clearly indicated overlap between the pattern parts. Of course, you will also get a good overview of the entire pattern.

We use materials from leading brands: canvas from Zweigart and threads from Anchor.

The tapestry kits are made so that you can stitch them in basketweave. This is why they contain enough Anchor tapestry wool. However, basketweave uses up more thread than half cross stitch or tent stitch for example.

Handy Tools for stitchers

Want to prepare your stitching easily? To do so we have made all kinds of interactive tools. You will find different calculators, download graph paper or print out your own text as a charted design. Let yourself be inspired by the 'Sample display', a unique overview of fabrics and threads, and a single charted design made with a variety of materials and techniques.