Because of You
 Because of You
Cat. No.:F1007BC
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Colors:1 color
Chart:115 × 75
11 dr/cm: 20,9 × 13,6 cm
28 thr/inch: 8.2" × 5.4"

All Because of You

I hope this welcome gift brings a smile to your face. Download the free pattern and you'll see how easy it is to stitch for a dear friend or a loved one. Pass on your smile!
I'm giving you this pattern in exchange for a smile on your face. Download it and you'll see how nice and easy it is to make a dear friend or a loved one happy every day. Pass on this poetic smile!

This sampler is entirely made from the motifs of the 'Cross Stitch Alphabet Tool'. You can stitch entire rows of words and letters or even a name in hearts. This pattern serves as an example for your own composition, but you can always just stitch this pattern. The letters in this design are made with 'Siena' capitals and the 'Cross Stitch Alphabet Tool', easily replaced by your own words.

This pattern is 115 stitches wide and 75 stitches high. Use the counted stitch calculator to calculate the measurements of your canvas and project.
The pattern will print correctly on 'letter size' as well as on 'size A4'.

All Because of You
Author: Kate Reneigh Woodruff

I awake each day with a smile
And greet it with a laugh.
The world is a treasure to me
Because of you.

Every time I think of something sad,
I replace the thought- with you!
My mind is instantly changed
And my heart is filled with gladness.

Every breath I take is meant for you,
I live this life surrounded in joy
And I bathe in the promise of your love,
My soul belongs to you.

Each time I see something beautiful
I want to take it and bring it to you.
My life has so much meaning now
My life has so much meaning now
All because of you.